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ISBN - 978-0-86562-173-2

Softcover Edition

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ISBN - 978-0-86562-174-9

Limited Edition Hard Cover

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ISBN 978-0-86562-234-0


48 pages in full color
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No matter what your orientation, EVERYbody’s a little “Aqua-sexual”,
especially when the subject is Mermaids! Illustrator Edward Reed takes a moist and salty excursion into the deep to showcase that rarest and most sea-going of mythical creatures in this glorious gallery of full color portraits! Come get a net-full of delights!


ISBN - 978-1-929133-80-2

Out of Print, Rare and Hard to Find!

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Seven sequences done by well-known and experienced airbrush artists with over 600 color images spread across 144 pages and includes interviews!

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